Small Business of the Year for the 75th District


Small business is the backbone of the nation's economy, but its impact is often much wider. Through involvement in areas outside the world of business, small businesses often become part of the very fabric of their communities. 

George Weir is a perfect example. He founded George Weir Asphalt Construction 35 years ago in Escondido. When George started his company, he had little more than his truck, a shovel and a willingness to work hard. From his asphalt construction business to his production and aggregate facilities, George's hard work has paid off. 

George would not credit his own efforts for his accomplishments, however. A devout Christian, he never hesitates to credit his Savior, Jesus Christ, for his success. With a generous heart, George strives to serve the people who have supported him over the years by donating his time and treasure to the community he loves. 

In addition to supporting several faith-based and community charities, his contributions include a free Escondido phole repair program, efforts to beautify downtown Escondido by helping to build the city's Heritage Garden, turkeys donated to the Salvation Army for Thanksgiving and rock that he hauled away during construction of Palomar Hospital. There are few in the community his actions have not benefited. 

Consequently, I take great pleasure in recognizing George Weir as this year's California Small Business of the Year award winner for the 75th ssembly District. Thank you George for your community involvement and your generous contributions to our region.

Marie Waldron


Nate Weir